The Israeli Game Industry Conference

The Israeli Market

The Israeli game industry is comprised of thousands of developers and designers in the fields of content and technology that create projects and games for digital platforms on a professional basis.

The state of Israel, already known as a "Start-Up Nation", has recently left its mark as a leading force in the gaming world, as local companies received worldwide acclaim. Among the games and leading technologies originating from Israel are:

  • SIDEKICK – Game Developer for the Xbox ONE, Oculus Rift and other platforms
  • PLAYTIKA – International leader in the field of social casino games
  • TABTALE – A top 10 international mobile game publisher and developer with a massive network of players
  • PLARIUM – Second largest hard-core games company in Facebook, world-wide
  • FUNTACTIX – Creator of movie franchise-based Facebook games ("The Hunger Games")

And many more…

GameIS, the Israeli Digital Games Industry Association

GameIS is a nonprofit association, bringing together the majority of Israeli game companies and developers.
Its goal is to advance the status and professional education of the Israeli developers in the local market, and at the same time, allow for business opportunities with foreign markets.
GameIS is the primary Israeli producer of events in the field of game development.

The Annual Conference – Overview

The annual israeli game industry conference is held every year in December, sponsored by leading companies from the Israeli and international market.

In the event (expecting over 800 participants), local companies and independent developers will convene, to take part in workshops, hear lecturers from international guests and display their latest projects.

Event's main goal is to conclude the recent year, bringing together gaming professionals from all over the world, and to raise awareness of the general public to the actions of the Israeli game development scene.

Target Audience

The event, bringing together all the industry professionals in Israel and others from all over the world, is intended for the following target audience:

  • Developers and designers from the fields of production, sound, 2D and 3D graphics, programmers, investors and entrepreneurs
  • Average age group is 26-38
  • 75% of audience are male
  • Bachelor's Degree of higher Bourgeois, with a steady income and medium-high socioeconomic status

In addition, the conference will include a designated area for the general public that will attract gamers and entire families, and will allow them to enjoy local games and various competitions.

Event's Main Sessions

  • International Speakers and Guests of Honor – Industry leaders from around the world will honor the event by lecturing and maintaining workshops. We still have a few open lecture spots, for individuals or companies with relevant experience.
  • Lectures and Professional Sessions – The best of the local industry talents and academy members will give lectures about innovations in all gaming related aspects – technology, graphics, sound, business, game design, game culture, edutainment and more.
  • Game Exhibitions and Tournaments – the event will additionally host different exhibitions of original game art, themed curated game exhibitions, indie and student game demos, and professional game tournaments by e-sports gamers.
  • Among the companies and talents we have hosted as speakers in past events, are Blizzard, DICE, Zynga, CD Projekt, BigPoint, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Unity 3D, Majesco, Tabtale, Plaruim, Peter Molyneux, Casual Connect, Playtika, Adobe, IGDA, Waze, Primesense and more.
  • We will be glad to add you to this growing list.
  • The Annual Game Awards Ceremony (taking place on January 2015) – a competition of the most outstanding Israeli games, declaring the most influential developers over the past year. A list of finalists will be selected, out of dozens of thrilled nominees, by a panel of judges and academy members (all from local and international industry leaders).

For ceremony branding and other sponsorship oppotunities, contact us at:

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors are key supporters and affect directly the development of the local industry,
they allow professional and interpersonal growth of Israeli game designers and developers altogether.

Industry members cherish the companies that accompany the Organization in these events and others around the year.
We have created a few partnership and sponsorship types, all with respective benefits and requirements.

The offered optional benefits are listed in the following table, and include these categories:
Communication, Content Slot, Handouts, Website, Stage Branding, Physical Branding, Program Visibility,
Content Branding, Video, Ads/Branding, Admission, Networking.

As an addition to the differentiated terms between partnership and sponsorship types,

your support and cooperation will be mentioned and promoted in these forms:

  • A dedicated Facebook group which contains over 2800 Israeli Game Designers and Developers
  • Publishing in the Organization’s website and the registration site for the Annual Prize Ceremony
  • Advertising through the Organization’s newsletter which reaches over 3000 people
  • Gratitude and mentioning in promotional interviews and articles for the event in the different media

We look forward to cooperate with you!

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have.