1. Hello,

    My profession is Graphic Designer and I have experience working in game developing companies.
    Currently I'am looking for the job in this field. If necessary I can send my resume and reference to my portfolio.

  2. hello, my name is Yoel Falk I studied grathic design and webmaster,
    I would love to work for a gaming company.
    please contect me if you have somthing that you think i could fit.

  3. Hello, my Name is Vincent and I am a new imigrant to Israel. I am half German and Half Australian and I am currently looking for a Job. I have a good understanding of Games and Gaming in gerneral and concider it to be a staedy hobby of mine. I was hope to get in contact with you to see if you are aware of any possible job openings in that area. I would love to hear from you

    Vincent Tucker

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