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Building Games on Amazon Web Services by Dr. Matt Wood

Since 2006, Amazon Web Services have been providing on demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure to businesses of all sizes.This talk will introduce the Cloud platform offered by Amazon, and discuss how gaming companies can make use of Amazon's massive scale and operational experience to build highly scalable games and move to market more quickly.

Games and Brands, game over? by Yarden Yaroshevski

Yarden Yaroshevski, founder and CEO of StikiPixels in London, will
talk about games, brands and why they are more relevant to each other
than ever. What can games learn about promotion from brands? What can
brands learn about engagement from games? What do both need to know to
avoid creating the classic, sucky advergame experience? What does a
non-sucky brand-promoting game look like? Yarden will also explore the
role that brands can play in the wider evolution of computer games –
and how this is very different to gamification (which also sucks ;).

HTML5 for game developers – The Wow, How and When by Amir Shevat

In this talk we will review and demo cool features in HTML5 that are relevant for game development. We will talk about when to use these technologies, and how to support legacy browsers.

Playing visual music with the body by Davor Magdic

In another dimension of the universe, where light is felt as we feel sound, you are a supreme being. Through a portal, sublime music from the human world appears in your mind, and there it is trapped. Your task is to let it out by manifesting it for all the beings in your world as beautifully and artfully as you can, using a shape-making, space-shifting instrument called Visikord.

And then you make a YouTube video of you doing it.

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